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Plants vs Zombies 2 free download for android

Plants vs Zombies 2

This game is the sequel to the almost legendary app of the year 2013 - Plants vs Zombies. It is a masterpiece of the gaming industry developed by PopCap for the portable devices, but there are also online and computer versions. Zombies vs Plants is so popular in the different countries all over the world, that we can consider it as a classic of the tower defense genre. The plot do not need explanations: it is the battle between cute plants and funny zombies, who are eager to eat some sweet brains. But they are ok with your plants too. The main purpose in the game - to defense your territories and do not let zombies get to you. It is a good entertainment for those, who are tired of actions and shooters, and looking for something funny and addicting. You can download Plants vs Zombies on your device from our site.

Plants vs Zombies 2 android



If in the first game you were sitting at home, in the Plants vs Zombies 2 you will travel through time and space. But this creatures will find you everywhere. There you will met new territories, new zombies and new plants, different levels, missions and interesting bonuses. 

Main features:

- new territories (the Ancient Egypt, the Wild West, the Pirate Seas, the Far Future);

- old and new plants (some of them are available only on the certain territory);

- old and new zombies;

- additional missions, unending levels;

- new bonuses and skills, Plant Food.

Plants vs Zombies 2 free download

andTo get this app on your phone or tablet for free, use the link under the arrow. You shouldn't worry about your device's safety: all the files are checked and virus-free. To play the game it is required to have the system Android 2.3 or further and at list 460 Mb of the memory. After the installation, you should unzip a cache file and put it into the folder - sdcard/Android/obb. You can also install hacked version with unlimited money and coins.


                                                      virusfree  Plants vs Zombies 2 download (version 3.4.4)

Cache for Plants vs Zombies 2 

    Plants Zombies 2 (8.1.0 Kindle Tablet Edition)

Plants vs Zombies 2 hacked, cache

Plants vs Zombies 2 walkthrough


The game has the features of both action and strategy. The battlefield looks like a chessboard and you must put your plants in the cells, but zombies will not play chess with you. To be able to get the plants, you need suns, which are produced automatically and by the sunflowers. Every plant has its skills, some of them are good in defense, others - provide quick attack. You are freewheeling in the tactic, so choose your own strategy and adapt to the specific situation. In the Zombies vs Plants apk there is a useful thing called Plant Food. You can collect it during the game by killing the shining zombies. Then, in the appropriate moment or the hard zombie attack drag it onto any plant for the super power. For some items, you need to pay real money, but you can try to pass all the levels without such help. To see a full picture, you should watch the video with the walkthrough.


Plants vs Zombies 2 video

There you can see how to pass all the main game levels. Good luck!

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